Friday, June 22, 2007

Suicide is painless?

The theme tune from M*A*S*H comes to mind this week. Not cause its true. In a way it's such a tranquil song, and I can remember listening to the tune while in the background there is chaos and havoc.

This week has highlighted a great need in our country, something which has been going on for too long. On the news we have heard of 3 young people commit suicide in Craigavon. The reality is that this has been happening a lot all over Northern Ireland. Years ago I was made aware of how Ballynahinch had the highest rate of suicide in Europe pro capita and that’s why ‘The Edge’ started. Check out their website and pray for Jamie and Claire who work there.

Apparently, in Kilkeel one person a week has committed suicide from Easter.

In Tyrone there were 2 guys who had made a suicide pack.

John 10 says 'the devil is out to steal and destroy' young peoples lives and young peoples minds. We know and say that Jesus came to bring life, but what is going on?

We can put suicide down to so many reasons but more than ever I am aware that we are in a spiritual battle. We need to pray for our young people. We need to stand in the gap.
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Peter Martin said...

what no link to my site yet.... heartbreaking!

Peter Martin said...

time for an update lad... ohh and a link to my blog! How the Glens doin? Enjoying Europe?

Rick Hill said...

mate - can we catch up next week instead of this week? maybe wed 29th or thurs 30th breakfast or lunch. your call - let me know sure!

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if truth be told..... said...

well jesus kinda walked into his own death, effectively suicide even with the martyrdom factor