Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ballymoney High

So this was the last day of term for us in June. We looked wrecked cos we had just finished a whole day of lessons, one after the other. Not to justify myself , but what we do is completely different to teaching. It is a more intense style of delivery and interaction - nad yes we are getting old!

So Harry Bruce from PAIS had organised this day for all Year 8 pupils in Ballymoney High school. Workshops were taken by Crown Jesus Ministries, Youthlink and YFC. The were also some cool brake dancers and rappers from Dublin. Harry Bruce is very impressive on the beat box, for a ginger!

This kinda felt like the end of an era for me anyway. Gav and myself have been working together for 4 years in the schools department. We have come a long way and now it feels like the end. I think it would be great for some new blood to come in with fresh and innovative ideas. I will still be involved in schools work but it will be more focussed round Mannafest

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