Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How not to speak of God

Reading this book by Peter Rollins at the moment, well trying too. It is extremely wordy for a book (off course you need words to have a book!), very intellectual and academic and all that. The book is written in 2 parts - theory and practise basically. The second half is a description of 10 IKON services that have taken place. It is really interesting to see (or read) how they outlined their meetings. I like the whole relaxed, informal mood and atmosphere that is described. As I sit in the normal sunday church service, it kills me how boring and irrelevant a lot of it is. As a trained teacher, I understand the importance of the classroom layout in creating a positive learning environment. If we want to learn in the church service we are going about it the wrong way (rows of seats focussed at one person). Maybe the purpose of the sunday service is just celebration?

Anyway, Katrina and I are beginning to look for a new church, and I really don't think the ideal church is out there. We both want good teaching, so that is top of the list, but should we approach this search with a list?

pg113 "...Nietzsche commented that getting drunk and getting religion were pretty much the same thing - both activities of the weak, both offering an escape from the difficulties of real life with the illusion of warmth and womb-like protection..."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finishing well

Just spoke at The Crescent Church at lunch time. They had a 10min service, so I shared some thoughts. When I was thinking last night about what to say I couldn't get the phrase 'FINISHING WELL' out of my head, so I take it as God's spirit proding me!

You might recognise one person in this photo - Billy Graham. Well this was taken in 1946 right before the boys came over to Northern Ireland to do a YFC mission. I remembered this story being told to me by JD back when I joined YFC in 2003, and it has stuck with me, almost haunted me.

The guy on the left is called Chuck Templeton. He was described as a brilliant, dynamic preacher. One seminary president called him the most gifted, talented young preacher in America. Templeton and Graham began working together in YFC.

By 1950 Templeton had left the ministry. He pursued a radio career, telling the world he no longer believed Jesus to be the son of God. Read the whole article here

I was watching this last night:

Again it probed me to think about FINISHING WELL. Lola Jones was built up as the favourite to win, and she had a great start. I'm sure she is devastated after all the preparation and sacrifice but I'm sure and hope she will come back and win some day.

When I was a lot younger and a lot lighter, I used to love to sprint the 100metres. I was good. I was fast. So was my sister, and I used to train with her at making her starts faster. The problem was I flew off at the start and slowed down. My sister started slower but got faster and faster, making her better at 200m and 400m.

Adrain Eagleson once siad to me, how you are on the sports field can reflect how we are in life. I tend to start things well, but don't finish them as good. So these 2 stories are reminders and challenges for me to finish well


I was speaking at DC's youth last night down in Ballyholm. We normally talk about this to young people but last night felt more real as if I was almost warning them about the reality of falling away from God.

DOC is something McCready and Gareth Bell developed when they were in Dromore.

90% of statistics aren't true(so does that mean that even that statistic aint true??) but as I look back at my life and see or don't see the same friends round me, it is devastating. People fall away, and it is a harsh reality. Last nights talk was hard to deliver but it was needed. The reason why I am involved in youth work is to change the statistic that 80% leave when they hit 18. That's why I do Mannafest and want to go deeper. FOr years I heard people criticise Mannafest for producing christians who need a monthly fix. Now we are trying to teach deeper and we get criticised. We have been told to MAKE DISCIPLES not converts, so that is my aim, my goal, my desire

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Rapture

just came across this sight listening to xxxchurch podcast.

someone has created a site called and basically it sends out emails to relatives or friends of yours 6 days after the rapture. its like your last chance to warn them. so you set up and address book and write a note. it kinda reminded me of the film P.S I love you! only it would be a lot more freaky

so do we take this serious or is this just ridiculous? intentions seem good, oh but you have to subscribe $40 to join....