Friday, November 24, 2006

The crew

This is the after shot. Everyone fed and happy. We took some time to give thanx for the year by giving some time and space to write down our thoughts, which I advise anyone to do. I suppose everything in the blog is a highlight of my year, so if u havent made it in here, unlucky! Only joking...sometimes I just dont have my camera with me....

We also sang a few thanksgiving songs and watched a thanksgiving episode of 'Friends' So here are some things I'm thankful for this year so far, off the top of my head:

January - too far back can't really remember anything. I think Kenny moved in around this time but not sure. Anyway I'm thankful for meeting Kenny and for getting some help with the rent!

February - went over to London for the Youth Alpha conference, loved the singing led by Tim Hughes and got to see Naomi for a bit!

March - Charlie, Maggie and Eva came home, which from a pure selfish point of view has been great. Without wanting to rub salt into Jen's wounds, its been great being part of Eva's growing up stage. I played my last game for PSNI, before getting injured, again, but scored 4! The 4th one I got busted but still managed to take it round the keeper....also went to California for the 'Purpose Driven Youth Conference'..great time with Dave, Alan and Claire, but never got to meet that girl that I love, but cant remember her name...

April - At the start of the month we had the Dromore High weekend, focussing on the Holy Spirit. That was a great weekend. We heard that 7 young people became Christians during the Youth Alpha, but just being part of other young people's journey of how God wants to be involved in their lives is a pretty special thing and one that I'm thankful for

May - nothing comes to mind...oh apart from that dance with Jennifer Garner! I guess I have to be satisfied and thankful for that one and only meeting with Lisa, the physio from Dungannon , who now lives in Stranmillis...anyone know her and could get her number???

June - Dave and Heather's wedding. Had a lot of fun with Alan and Claire writing the bestmen song/speech - we still need to go into the studio and record it or lay the track down....the World Cup started which is always a good thing and I was thankful to watch Argentina play some amazing football in the early stages. We also hammered CJM, the day after the wedding. I'm thankful to my team!

July - 2 football camps, one in Ballysillan one up north with Baptist Youth. Loved going to the Milk Cup matches and singing all the Norn Iron songs

August - I'm thankful for not going on holiday...but i'm thankful for hanging out with my sister and spending time with her, walking the dogs and stuff

September - the Mannafest volunteer overnight was great fun. I'm thankful for being involved in Mannafest and the Y1 training. Norn Iron beating Spain. What a night. A better result than beating the English. David Healy. What a hat-trick. Good times Neilers! Toby mmoved in as well and I'm thankful for some help with the rent!

October - I'm thankful for the opportunity in Killyleagh, working with Carol and the young people. Alton Towers was good and r spontaneous trip to London Baby! Got to see Naomi again which is always good. The Murder Mystery Night was very fun and I'm thankful for meeting new people

November - I'm thankful for the opportunity during Dungannon schools week. 700 pupils. I'm thankful for finally getting my assemblies ready to publish - watch this space. I'm thankful that the new James Bond film is actually very good and that Daniel Craig didnt ruin the iconic role. Im thankful for spending time with my dad and I'm thankful for thanksgiving for this opportunity to be thankful and give thanx. And thank you for reading this! Posted by Picasa

7th Old Boys

So here is Grant, our captain and central midfield general, Pete our sweeper and then me...the Phil Neville of the team...I can play wingback, up and down , up and down all day! Its important that u know yourself, so, I'm definately a forward, not a striker but a playmaker, want that number 10 shirt, definately lazy and hate working back, don't mind playing on either wing cos I'm ambidextrous...oh and we want Collier! You know u want to mate! Posted by Picasa


The legend himself that is Pete Thompson. He was loving the turkey and the stuffing. He loves getting stuffed by Man Utd! Its been great getting to know Pete and working with him, if you can call it work. The past few months I've seen a real transformation in Pete's life, in terms of revival or renewal. Pete has a hunger for prayer and a desire to hear God's voice, which is inspiring and motivating to me. This is something Pete had years ago at Soul Survivor and its just like the sleeping giant has awoken again. I don't know how Pete does it. He is married with 2 kids, one on the way and he gives his all to the people of Ballysillan as well. I struggle to manage my time and have no responsibilities. So big it up for Petesa. I also think he looks like Frank Lampard. Plays like Jamie Carragher (all heart). Fancy a game of Empires...big Joan...Rod Hull....Aaron Pierce! Posted by Picasa

The Bluehouses

So here is Mims getting stuck in. Emma, in pink and grey, got baptised on Sunday night. She is an amazing singer. DD in red, can't really see him, but he became a Christian last week. Please pray for these great young people, that they would rise up, realise their potential and take their place as influencial leaders in their community Posted by Picasa

Our first turkey

So here is the big man squewing our turkey...i think that is the word...well it is with a squewer...sint it? anyway we took on this mamoth task and i just want to say to my mum and dad, thank u and big up respect cos i was so stressed yesterday! its all about timing. Charlie and myself are loving the whole cooking thing, and really men are the best in the kitchen! Charlie thinks he is Gordon Ramsey but I say he is better than that. He's the money! So can I publicly say, or write, for the minutes, that I wish to thank my best mate for all his knowledge and experience which he has passed onto me - thank you Mark Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Staff retreat

So here is the crew minus some of my home Pete"the legend"thompson and alan "abu" cowan. we were up in whitepark bay, and have been ever since i joined yfc. it aint a bad thing cos it is beautiful up there. our topic was "humility". enough said. taking our retreat was aaron pierce from 24, hence why i am wearing my 24 tshirt, to pay homage to the best damn bodyguard i have ever known. i mean if Jack can trust him then we shud. even tho we at ctu dta. anyway it was good to catch up and hang out and have a laugh. did i tell u the topic was humility.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This is myself and Gav with our retro tshirts on. This year in Dungannon Mission week we took the theme of 'Transformers' based on Romans 12v2 - "Don't conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" It was a great week with us getting into 4 secondary schools and taking every year group. Needless to say we were and are wrecked but it gave me a taste of what schools work has the potential to be. If I'm honest Ive lacked motivation lately but I think just going in and doing assemblies or taking SU groups hasnt been challenging me. Gavin and myself have been on a real journey as well, but I have to say he is one of my closest friends now. We share so much, not just an office, so we talk alot, complain alot but also pray alot for each other. Gav has been so encouraging to me and I value his thoughts and advice - except if it is to do with women! Posted by Picasa

Official opening of the Bluehouses

So here we see Bake, the treasurerer bloke, JD and Mims opening the new premises. Got greta news at the weekend that DD became a Christian. DD was in South Africa with us last year and is one of the older young people. He really engages in singing with us on Thursday nightas. Lately we have just been meeting with 5 or 6 older young people to have dinner and just sit and chat. We then pray with them. My desire is that they would all realise their potential and experience the power of God in their lives. Im also really joyful that this is a great encouragement to Mims, Pete and Mark Posted by Picasa

Mr and Mrs

Just thought this was a class photo. Phil was interviewing people with the mic and we found out that this lovely couple have a jacuzzi or hot tub...enuf said. We are now their best friends. Oh and they are doctors. GP's actually... Posted by Picasa


Ah memories...eating Apple Tart at Hallowe'en and you find some money wrapped in grease proof paper otherwise it leaves the apple all brown and not very nice. I actually nearly swallowed that 20p and died...lucky there was loads of doctors there... Posted by Picasa

The girlie whirlies

This is Tracie and Sarinda. Phil knows Tracie from years ago at Primary School and apparently there is a photo of them running about youngsters, as we all used to do...but not anymore...cos of child protection...althought there was this one time....Anyway Sarinda is a doctor and drives an A3 and she owns the house that we had the party in. Great girls and a great laugh Posted by Picasa

Virgil Islands

OK so I'm a bit slow but I really didnt get the fact that the characters were all named after Carribean Islands. I guess Phil's name is a bit of a giveaway. Mine was Tobago!! Genius!! Phil was a rich American Banker...lookin good my friend Posted by Picasa

Toby Aggo

So this is me looking rather dashing or not...Im not a farmer but actually ex-military, and I own the only hotel on Paradise Island. Oh by the way this was taken for a murder mystery night I went to on Hallowe'en night. As Charlie says, "offcourse we should celebrate Hallowe'en!" Posted by Picasa