Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Read Exodus 13 (focus on verses 17-22)

We were asked to look at our past, present and future. I suppose after wanting to be a truck driver, then a journalist, I always wanted to be a teacher. When a became a teacher it was like, ok, what now? I've always wanted to teach missionary kids abroad and would love to go back to Stran and become a teacher tutor!
I feel like I need a new challenge at the moment. The past couple of months have been ones of frustration and not very much direction. I'm excited about McCreedy coming to lead us. Things will happen, as he has lots of ideas and he is good at delegation and releasing people into their gifting. I know he is nervous and it will be an interesting dynamic with us as we've been friends and shared each others hearts and frustrations over the past 4 years. But I am excited at the potential of what God could do thru us.
This year I want to focus on making short films for Mannafest and general youth work. I have a couple of ideas and really want to create time to write, direct and act. Its a passion of mine which I've let slip lately. Oh and I also want to learn to play the drums and maybe do a bit of ballroom dancing! Posted by Picasa


Read Genesis 22 - the story of Abraham and Isaac. Never liked this story. It would never happen today with child protection and all that, so why is it in the Bible? Doesn't seem to fit. Then when you think about it, it does, so its ok....

Is there anything you think God wants you to sacrifice?

Probably the high opinion I have of myself and the low opinion I have of others. That I would stop living life for myself and put others before me. It is a revealing meditation Posted by Picasa

YFC 24/7 Prayer Room

From Mon 25 Jan to Mon 22 Jan YFC have got the hold of the Methodist prayer room to do 24/7. Its a great location, in Aldersgate House, and even tho it is just a room, there is something holy and sacred about that place. Its easy to understnad how people can get caught up with a place or experience that they make sacred and limit God to moving only there. Here in YFCNI we want to be a people in tune with God's Spirit, doing God's work in God's strength. Its in the manual.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reunion with Reona

This is what Christmas is all about - meeting up with old friends. Reona was a year below Charlie and I in Wellington, but we sang in the choir and performed in schools plays together. How much fun did I have in school! That was a rhetorical question. The choir trips were immense. I only realised I wasnt a bass after like 4 years, during our last gig. I wasnt a tenor either more baritone but I only had the choice of 2, sometimes you just dont fit into neat wee boxes.
Reona was also in the Mannafest drama team with me. I nicknamed her "space cadet" just cos she was. Lots of fun. Very sincere.
So Reona has been living over in Atlanta Georgia for the past couple of years and she has got married to Jesse. They work for a church but it is cool cos they dont work in a church. They are placed in like these appartment blocks to live out their lives eveyday in community with people. I think they are employeed to organise events as well throughout the month for all residents. I hope Ive got this right but its very cool what they are doing. They have also just adopted Zoe, who has a great smile and goes about and does her thing very content and happy.
It was so good to meet up at Reona's parents house and the grandparents were loving the family reunion. Reona's dad is called Steve Martin...brilliant. Her brother, Gavin, also just got engaged to a beautiful mexican girl, which gets me thinking.... Posted by Picasa


Also a name of a beer, but Ross came up with it first. This is my other band that I've been known to dabble in. We got the opportunity to play at PANTS on New Years Eve, well actually we got on stage at 230 in the am, much to Craigs delight, so it was New Years Day. I suppose this band came out of CSSM. Alan and Craig used to play in Native Spirit, but they split up. Ross has always wanted a band from CSSM days and we've played a few gigs. Last year we played at a battle of the bands and thought officially we didnt win, we did, and everyone there knew it and knows it. We rocked that joint, and this stupid girl band got the sympathy vote. Anyway, I love playing with these guys. Craig or Judas as I like to call him, cos he betrayed me once and I wont let him forget it, is a talented beatch, seriously the guy is amazing on the guitar, the best Ive heard or saw/seen. He wont play certain songs, so getting a set list together is quite difficult but its worth it in the end.
This year we played Mr Brightside, Breakfast at Tiffanys, A little respect, Back for Good, Hit me baby one more time (my fav), When September ends (but we changed it to December!) and just for Ross 'Best of you' by the Foos. Rock on wee man!
From l to r - Craig "Judas" Jackson (lead guitar), Alan "funny trousers and strange hats" Currie (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Ross "Baby" Jackson (drums). I played Bass sort of and sang a bit... Posted by Picasa

Christmas band

This was the second year, maybe even third, when we got together to do a little bit of "rockin around the christmas tree"..although we didnt actually play that one....classics include slades "merry christmas", shakin stevens "snow is falling", whams "last christmas", a not so "silent night", and a collection of reliant k songs. My favourite is "celebrate the day"
This year we played in Killyleagh, so we had to do "Away in a manger" just for the line..."the stars in the bright sky looked down where HEALY HEALY HEALY...".
This picture was taken in Ballysillan. We had no idea how the young people would respond to Christmas rock, as they are all into dush-dush music, but they really got into it, whicyh meant we were able to enjoy it more
From l to r - Alan Currie (Sound), me, Mark Currie (Drums), Pete Harrison (Bass/backing vocals) and Dave McConnell aka Shaggy (Electric guitar/keyboards/violin/acoustic/harmonies...legend!) Posted by Picasa