Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2037 goal


It is 7 July 2037 and I am celebrating my 60th birthday. All my family are with me - Katrina at my side, looking as beautiful as ever. She leans over to kiss me in her caring nature and i notice our grandchildren laughing and sniggering at the 'two old love birds'. I hear wee Stephen give out an "uugghhh!!"

I feel content. I feel at peace but we both have itchy feet and want to do more. There are more children to help, more young people to invest in and more people to pull together. I have led by example in working in partnership with as many people and organisations as possible.

If I could go back and do it all again....what would I advise my younger self?

1 - Have more fun
2 - Treasure time with family and friends
3 - Get up earlier
4 - Read more books
5 - Sing more songs
6 - Enjoy the mountains
7 - Jump into more rock pools
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