Tuesday, June 12, 2007



So here is me and the boss outside Ballydown Presby, near Banbridge. I look a bit flustered as it was absolutley boliling in the Church. It was a very hot day already and then I made the smart decision of sitting beside a radiator that was one! Presbys must be loaded having the heat on this time of year...
So I spoke at the childrens service, which was actually very good. The Church have a cool wee jazz band, led by a guy called Harry who was a bit of a musical maestro. The Church was packed - obviously cos they heard we were speaking....but it had a mixture of all ages. The atmosphere was brilliant. This weather influences people anyway in a good way and maybe being childrens day everyone is more relaxed. But we both really enjoyed the service. It was over in less than an hour as well, which always makes people in norn iron happy!
Steve spoke at the youth service that night and joined up again with the Dromore crew. They have a band and a drama team that took part and Dinger shared his story. You can't beat Dinger. He just says it as it is, which makes people a bit uncomfortable but needs to be said. Why do we want people to be dramatically transformed then conform to a respectful style of behaviour, where you start to play church or lip service??
Anyway it got us thinking, that this is what YFC should be doing more of - imagine having a YFC Sunday! We could come and take both services, for those holy spiritual churches that still have 2 services on a sunday....We love communicating God's word in a relevant and dynamic way. We believe we are great communicators. It would be great if we could get churches to support our work, get them onboard, so we could actually go and do work in schools and communities were young people have no contact with church. So anyone want to book us??
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