Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2010 goal


It is 1 July 2010 and I've just crossed the finishein line. I feel the tape break thru my chest. I'm wrecked! I've given it my all. The sweat is dripping of me. My mouth is dry. The adrenaline is flowing thru my veins.

Im ecstatic at how young people at MANNAFEST have developed into DISCIPLES. Yes I have heard how some have tripped on hurdles and fell and made mistakes but they have learnt o depend on God and one another - even when they mess up and especially when things are going well.

I have seen 100's of young people realise their potential within them and discover 'Who God is'.

I feel a sense of pride which is burning bright inside me at how different people have started working togther - churches, charities, young and old.

I am pumped that I invested in other people. I have learnt a lot from others - older men, fellow speakers. I have trained and develpoed my muscles. In one sense, there is regret as I pass the baton on, but I also feel a sense of accomplishment at a job well done.

A lap of honour to cool down but not to rest on my morals - a new team needs me. Another eveent to run in....
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