Monday, March 30, 2009

Adjusting the thermostat

Chapter 5 of 'Why men hate going to Church' page 29

Every Church has a spiritual thermostat. Where it is set will determine whether that church attracts or repels men. Here are 6 common settings found in today's congregations:


The 3 settings atop the thermostat represent the methods of Jesus. Christ confronted the religious, and He comforted the needy. But he challenged everyone else...Jesus hated the bottom 3 settings - and so do men!

What you think?


We are trying to resist getting Sky +, even thought it sounds so good and easy. It would probably work out at an extra £40 a month. But not only for financial reasons are we resisting, we also want to make a statement.

Romans 12 talksabout not conforming to the standards of this world, and it got me thinking about what are the standards of this world and what ways do we conform?

This might come across as judgemental but hopefully it will get some response!

So the early church was characterised by having everything in common(Acts 2v44) and the children of Israel were told that their should be no poor among them (Deuteronomy 15v4). What does this mean for us today? How does this challenge us in how we live our lives? Most people are concerned with church attendance and daily devotions but what really matters?

If I look at my life it looks like this:

Car payments
Mobile phone monthly contract
Gym membership
Season ticket for Norn Iron

I wanted to determine what I need and what I want. I would also like to have an Iphone a Mac laptop and have Sky Plus, but how much more would that cost me a month?

And looking at most of my mates(and lets hope they stay friends with me!) they have most of this list as well. I wonder how many of us tithe? And should all our tithe go directly to our local Church? How much money should go to helping the poor? Is this extra than our 10%?

I was always told to put aside money for the Church and for the poor first - before all my monthly bills, as if I leave it to the end I'll probably have no money left!

So now I sit and think should I get Sky Plus or should I sponsor a child? If I do sponsor a child am I just doing this to easy my conscience? Are my motives right?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Romania Team

Back row from l to r: Richard, Ryan, Richard, William and me
Middle row: Katie, Una, Danielle
Sitting down: Danielle, Katrina, Anne

So this is the full team heading away with HABITAT to Romania at the end of June. We need to raise £1000 each and decided last night, apparently, that we will be doing abseils and even the fun run in May. I hate running, unless I have a football at my feet!