Wednesday, February 28, 2007

National Director

  So this is Steven McCready with his national staff. Steve took his first official staff meeting this morning and shared with us how he was going to lead - thru communication, commitment, cohension, caring, challenging and change; and his personal standards and in turn what he expected from us - respect, support, servanthood, approachable and trust. It was inspiring! YFC needs to be dynamic and Steve believes we need to come out of our wilderness experience. He asked us, "How do we make a difference?" There is a need for a time of Repentance, Renewal and Revival. Liking the alliteration Steve! I want to learn from Steve and already he is motivating me, challenging me and encouraging me. But its not about me..its about YFC! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 12, 2007

Minus Charlie

  So we deliberately left a big space for the big man to be pasted in just to show our super holy spiritual accountability group. We try our hardest to meet every week to chat, and when I say 'we', I mean 'them'. Just finished going thru 'Catalyst' which was interesting but wasted a lot of paper, and as men who hold the environment in high esteem, we have decided to move onto something more ozone friendly. Honestly tho we have no idea what to do or look at next so if u have any idears please let me know Posted by Picasa

The good, the bad and the ugly...

  Dave Currie, Nicky Blair and myself at the Dromore YFC Annual Formal, which is always a good night. As per usual Dave didn't shave. Nicky came along and did some DJing. He played Ntrance "Set me free" just for me, so I want to thank him for playing my favourite song ever. However I didnt feel the music as have been feeling quite poorly as of late and even looked a bit "Peekie" on Friday night - never heard that expression before, but apparently diagnosed by Doctor Marks it means "white or sickish"... Posted by Picasa

Oakwood and Cranmore workshop

  So I think the topic was "Racism". We wold explore differnt countires and how they are different to us and how we should celebrate differences rather than slag one another off. (From l to r)Ashlee Coday(USA) Amy Logan(Japan) Dingo laid back Aussie guy and Gav as a spic...sorry Spainish. Ash and Amy are on Y1 in Kilmakee this year and they have been a great help when we do workshops in Primary school Posted by Picasa