Tuesday, May 16, 2006


  we have this thing about not liking our own smiles but I think this one is pretty good! Posted by Picasa

Granny Cowan

  Yesterday, Mon 15 May 2006 it was my Granny's 76th birthday so we went out to Gilnahirk Golf Club for a meal with the family. We go out quite a lot with the family and if I'm really honest its wierd not having someone. I want to share these experiences with someone. I really love my family and love being with them but there is something missing or someone missing. Another thing I really miss not having my other grandparents in my life. Both Granny and Granda Patterson are dead as is Granda Cowan. So Granny is my only grandparent left and since I'm the only male grandchild on the Cowan side I get spoiled. Granny said I looked a little 'pudgie' yesterday then I said I got my hair cut and she was like 'Oh thats what it is!' What chance do I have if my own Granny thinks I'm 'pudgie'... Posted by Picasa


  from left to right - Phil, Me, Kelly, Nikki, Ginge, Rachel ,Darren, Jennifer, Gemma, DEEdee, Carrie and Miriam Posted by Picasa


  from left to right - Me, Phil, Carrie, Miriam, Kelly Posted by Picasa

I'm famous!

  This was on the front page of a newspaper on the day we flew from Jo'burg to Durbs (I dont say Durban cos I've been there and hence have the privilege of calling it Durbs...)When I got on the plane some of the stewarts thought that this was me and started giggling like little school girls. When the paper was passed round the aircraft, right enough everyone thought it was me, but I dont go streaking unless its with my man, Blue and Frank the Tank! Posted by Picasa

Me and the wife

  Here we are hand in hand. It was great to see Phil in South Africa and understand him more with the people he met and experiences he ....experienced. I have never seen Phil so happy. We argue and fight a lot but Phil is amazing. He has such a heart for people. He helps me on my journey by asking me to explain myself and asking me the hard questions. He's not what ud call a conventional or traditional Christian but thats what I love about him. He has hang ups with the Church, which we all do, but I see a real need to have a place were you can grow, discuss and encourage one another. This normally doesnt happen in the Sunday service. Phil is one of the most spiritual guys I know. My desire for him is to find a female version of me! We both have a lot to give and we both have our own houses so I'm just putting that out there in case anyone wants to google us.... Posted by Picasa

Youth for Christ South Africa

  Miriam and myself with the YFCSA team. It was great meeting these people and feeling some sort of connection Posted by Picasa

Oh dear

  So we were out for a long walk and decided to play 'Who's line is it anyway?' I think I actually scared some of the local kids... Posted by Picasa

On Safari

  This was on my birthday last year. We got up at like 5am and it was so cold and started to rain. We didnt see many animals and people complained a lot but we had some laughs. This is Darren making the face, consequently making everyone laugh Posted by Picasa


  Just a cool picture taken by DC of my nose and glasses with Phil Posted by Picasa


  From left to right - Phil, Monglie, Tulani and Dennis along the front. These guys work for YFC South Africa in L'Abri which is a wilderness experience. Dennis is a very wise man and has influenced Phils life a lot. Dennis asked me loads of questions and challenged me with my faith. A deeply spiritual man who has an inspiring love for people Posted by Picasa


  Just been going thru photos from South Africa and want to put my favourites on. Big thanx to DC for capturing these priceless memories Posted by Picasa


  Last night Phil phoned with the shocking news that Darren had died. Darren had diabetis, but was 21 yrs old and went with us to South Africa. There are not too many people in the world who no one has anything against. Darren was a kind and gentle person. He was quiet but he was very influencial. To me, Darren symbolised hope and a future in Morington. He was the peacemaker and everyone looked up to him. On Friday 12 May 2006 Darren organised a reunion for the South Africa Team. I left him home. I dont pretend that I was close to Darren but he was a great lad. I have no answers, just a lot of questions. My thoughts are with his family but moreso with Ciaran, Sean, Nikki, Alice, Jennifer, Kelly and Phil Posted by Picasa

Mims & Ginge

  This was taken in the new Bluehouses, so it is an exciting time for YFC in Ballysillan. Probably more exciting is the growth and development of young Nicola, aka ginge. Ginge was in South Africa with us last year. This year she has started being a volunteer at the drop in. Ginge has a real desire for her friends to know God and on Thursday nights especially she has been challenged to pray with and for her friends Posted by Picasa

Dromore High

  This is Heather Neill, the teacher is charge of SU. She is an amazing woman of God. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is very open with the pupils about her doubts but also about how God's faithfulness. Heather always states how she wants God to turn up. Heather should definately appear in the Hebrews 11 Faith gallery. I know you cant add to the Bible, and I'm not being blasphemous but I hope u get my point. It has been a privilege to work alongside such an inspiring woman this year. Please pray for wisdom as we consider where to go and what to do with the SU group next year Posted by Picasa

Harbeton PS

  This is where my mum works so there is a little bit of pressure to be good, but thankfully I have been invited back a couple of times. This assembly is all about being God's messengers and passing God's love on. I still have the postman stuff from when I had to work one summer, which I cant really remember cos I was up every day before 5. It just felt like jet lag for the whole summer Posted by Picasa

Cregagh PS

  So this is me in primary schoo doing an assembly. I have been looking at the fruit of the spirit. So i go in and say that it is good to eat between 3 and 5 pieces of fruit a day. God also wants to give us good things, like love, joy, peace...it is a good series of 9 assemblies. This day I was talking about patience and faithfulness. I tied in the story of Noah and kinda had a wierd moment. I was explaining how we need to be patient and trust God by following careful instructions because God is good and God's love endures forever. But only 8 were saved! Its a nice little kids story with all the animals and buliding an ark but we fail to expand on the annihilation of everyone else on earth. How is God good? I know there is the whole justice side of the argument but seriously think about it. I have been reading Brian Mclaren's triology - 'New kind of Christian', 'The story we find ourselves in' and I'm in the middle of 'The last word, and the word after that'. This last book is all about hell and judgment and it has really got me thinking what I actually believe. If you read thru the gospels and highlight all the times hell is mentioned it is interesting to note that Jesus is always talking to religious people or his disciples. So why is it today that we only talk to non Christians about hell? This is definately something everyone should ask themselves and go study up on Posted by Picasa

I love lamp!

  No one got this joke! Come on people! Lets just say we look good... Posted by Picasa

Before the gig

  So here I am with the big man about to play in the freezing dark cold. It wasnt the best conditions to play in but we did alright. It was at a Strandtown Baptist 25-40 yr old bbq. We have a very relaxed and informal style which appealed to some people. We kicked of with 'ring of fire' 'suspicious minds' and 'brown eyed girl'. Also included were 'a little respect' and 'hit me baby one more time'. If u want to book us, please make sure it is indoors with heat and light! Posted by Picasa