Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Me da

  This is my dad. Great man. We sound the same, people get us mixed up on the phone. But he still has a hunger to get to know more about God and I hope I have that same hunger when Im older. Dad leads a mens group every Thurs night, well they play snooker to, but he enjoys the banter and the discussion. Ive learnt a lot from my dad Posted by Picasa


  just had to put this photo in cos we sis will go nuts! But that arm is longer than it should be! Its like one of those optical illusion things... Posted by Picasa

Mummies boy

  2 days later it was my Mums birthday. We have been talking as a family about the gifts we get each other. Each year it is harder to think of what to buy each other, as we have so much, so we are looking into sponsering a village like buying goats and wells and chickens and stuff Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

My family

 This was my Mum and Dads 35th Wedding Anniversary and Gavin and Ruths 3rd Wedding Anniversary. They all got married on April 10th. We had a lovely meal at a chinese Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy Easter

  Getting a mini egg easter egg is great cos u get a majassive mini egg plus all the mini mini eggs as well! This is Kaya and Ben presenting me an egg. Kaya has just learnt guitar and is amazing. I tired to make converstaion saying I played the guitar and a bit of bass. The bass bored him...Its all about connecting with young people! Anyway Lorraine has a lot of hope for Kaya as an inflencial member in the group and expects him to do great things for God so please pray for Kaya Posted by Picasa

DJ's weekend - Shore Street Donaghadee

  This is the group I was away with from Fri 7 April to Sun 9. We looked at what the Bible had to say about the film 'Shark Tale'. Our sessions were on Choices, Fear and Friendship Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006


  This is Steve McCreedy (in red) handsome bloke and married to the lovely Rebecca. Steve is another great guy who has helped me and encouraged me on my journey. He has a deep love for God and a real love for young people. Steve is a great communicator of the Bible. We dont get enough time to hang out and chat but when we do meet I come away inspired. Steve works down in Dromore with 'The Base' as well. We call him the Pope as 'The Base' is like the Vatican City, a world of its own! Posted by Picasa

The Mourne Mountains

  I can understand why in the Old Testament people sensed God's presence on mountains. I get to go up here every 6 weeks on Quiet Days and I just sense connection with my maker. Praise God for creation Posted by Picasa

Stephen Pattersons

  And you thought there was only one steviep - well here is my long lost distant non relative aka Stephen Patterson. No affiliation or attachment just the same name. He was very quiet... Posted by Picasa

'Is God angry with me saying crap?'

  This is Charlette (in green) and Anna (or Hannah?). Charlette has a great story and has given me permission to share it with the world! She was sitting in Maths class one day a couple of weeks ago and just thought she should start going to SU. So she did and Youth Alpha was on. She wanted to live her life for Jesus and has begun the journey. Amazing how the Holy Spirit works, even in Maths class! Charlette shared with me how she wanted her friends to live for Jesus as well and she has a real burden for them and her family. So please pray for her mum, dad and brother. Her friends are Melissa, Sarah, Hannah and Rebekah, and Charlette wants you to pray for them Posted by Picasa

Nice shorts Andy

It was hard to take Andy serious when he was speaking about 'What does the Holy Spirit do?' wearing these shorts! But a great guy. Andy has been with YFC for 3 years, same as me. He joined Axiom and was bestowed with the gift of singing, rapping and dancin for only one year. He has been working in Dromore YFC 'The Base' for 2 years. This guy is clued in. He loves going up the mountains and hearing from God. He is wild at heart and it is such a privilege to work with Andy and learn from him. My desire is that you continue running the race mate - its not a sprint, perseverance is the key - for both of us Posted by Picasa