Monday, December 25, 2006


So we are not very creative in our house/family! Just incase you are wondering the women are in the kitchen doing the dishes....leaving us men alone to play with our toys! (from l to r) Dad, Gavin, Colin and myself. I think if you bought 2 you got 1 free...Merry Christmas everybody! Posted by Picasa

YFC Staff Christmas party

So this is everyone who could make it to the party or find Jude's house. Secret Santa was probably the highlight, with the 'rockin Santa' and the Christmas lights being hot potatoes. But surely Gav went home with the best gift! This was also the night James got unveiled as the newest YFC worker, taking up a post in Donaghadee with Alan and Ashley. Welcome Jamesy Posted by Picasa


I feel the need...the need for speed! As a fundraiser the Bluehouses put on Top Gun in the wee cinema in Comber. Loved it. As one of my favourite films, it give me an opportunity to dress up in uniform - love dressing up! I suppose some people would call me a bit of a maverick, in that I like to do things my way, and go against authority and all that jazz. I want to buy a motorcycle..and get one of those bomber jackets like Tom - not Bros... Posted by Picasa

See no evil..hear no evil and speak no evil

Suzi, Mims and LauraB Posted by Picasa