Wednesday, May 23, 2007

YFC v CJM round 2

So picture the scene. Saturday 19 May 2007. FA Cup Saturday. Windsor Park. 11am. Last year YFC ran away with the match 7-1. This year CJM had brought in Roy Walker for training and tactics. YFC lost some experienced players but have recruited some new supporters/volunteers/staff. CJM run out wearing the Linfield kit. YFC are warming up in Distillery's kit. Back into the changing rooms and the team talk is motivational by presenting each player with a 'norn iron' squad number and top. Kick off. Titterington passes back to captain Alexander who trips on his long studs and dislocates his finger. "He fell over" was the chant that rung round Windsor Park. Soon all watching realised that Phil was in pain. He rushed off to hospital to return for the second half and lift the trophy for the second year in a row. 3 goals separatd the teams managed by an unknown manager, with his only experience coming from playing Championship Manager and Football Manager 2005. Roy Walker might be taking over at the Glens but this young man has lead a Norn Iron select out at Windsor Park and won 3-0. Watch this space.....

My family

So this is April 10 2007 so its Ruth and Gavin's 3rd anniversary or 4th - I can't remember think its 3. It's also my Mum and Dad's 36th wedding anniversary - think they got married in 1971. Ah well! So here is the latest addition to our family, not officially, but she is lovely. Yes its Katrina. She's the one!