Monday, October 09, 2006

London baby!

So Phil and I decided to take a wee trip down to London. 200 miles. 3 hours. We forgot that we had to come back tho so needless to say we were pretty tired - well I was! I had to put the cold air on to keep me awake, which made it a tad cold but sure LONDON BABY! Posted by Picasa

The pit

That aint no ladder! Thats where you fly down into to meet certain death - only I survived it! Oblivion baby! Posted by Picasa


Ohhhhhh what a rush! You stop at the edge and just hang there for a while and then you shot straight down into this hole. Great. I went on it 3 times, cos Im mad! Posted by Picasa


Just remembered that this could have something to do with the fact that Phil and myself ate 10 donuts before...ummmm donuts! Everyone loved the Nemesis, not me. My favourite rides were the Air one when you are like Superman, flying around and Oblivion, which Ill try and get a picture for you Posted by Picasa

The Nemesis

I like fast rides but anything that goes round as in spinnin round i cant really handle Posted by Picasa


Kate and Phil have nice smiles...I dont! But please vote Posted by Picasa


Please vote for your cheesiest smile...from l to r: Text Claire, Text Alan, Text Andre... Posted by Picasa

Alton Towers

This was taken on my recent visit to Alton Towers for Andre's 30th birthday. It was wet and cold, so we bought these macs, well I didnt cos I had brought a coat - my mother has taught me well! From l to r - Kate, Andre, Claire, Phil and Alan Posted by Picasa