Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preaching the Parables

We had an interesting discussion based around what we thought was the purpose of the parables. Where the designed to keep people out of heaven? Think about it - after dismissing this question allow it to provoke thought! I didn't ask it - it was Cameron!

William suggested that the Parables are like jokes - they are based around people, they have a twist in the middle and they finish with a punchline!

The Parables of Jesus were meant to shock and they were meant to reveal the mystery of God. Do the Parables teach doctrine and theology?

We looked at how Augustine interpretted the Parable fo the Good Samaritan - very interesting!

The man who was going to Jerusalem = Adam
Jerusalem = heavenly city of peace, from which Adam fell
Jericho = the moon (:p)
robbers = demons
sstripped him = of his immortality
beat him = by persuading him to sin
leaving him half dead = as a man lives, but he died spiritually
the priest and Levite = the priesthood and ministry of OT
the Samaritan = Jesus
bandaged his wounds = binding the restraint of sin
oil = comfort of good hope
wine = exhortation to work with a fervent spirit
donkey = the flesh of Christ's inccarnation
inn = the Church
the next day = after the Resurrection
2 silver coins = promise of life and the life to come
innkeeper = Paul!

I guess you can take things too literal and hear we see the dangers of using the Parables as allegorical!

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