Monday, November 09, 2009


On Friday night we had the extreme pleasure of having Dave and Bonnie Johnson at our Bible Study Group. We normally meet on a Monday evening, but in order to accomodate the Johnson's schedule we readily and happily agreed to the change.

After going thru 'Simplicity, love and justice' last year, we wanted to get into the Bible a bit more. I suggested Dave Johnson, as I know no one better at teaching God's word (apart from God himself - or Ray!) So the group listened to Dave and thoroughly agreed. Whats great about the message every week is that is comes along with a message tool which you sign up for at their website and they send you out a set of questions and discussions as well as the occasional movie recommendation. Check out website. I had suggested to the group that I would email the Johnsons since they were coming over to Belfast in November. They thought I was joking but if you don't ask, you don't get!

Friday night was one of those surreal moments. We were all just sitting round chatting and laughing with the Johnsons. Dave is the same guy he is behind the pulpit which says a lot about him. He says himself he is goofy, and he is so animated and passionate. It was so relaxed and normal in a way but also a dream come true - to actually sit done and listen to someone you really respect and idolise in a non blasphemy type way.....

We also got to hear Bonnie's story and slant on things which was great. Behind every good man is a great woman! They even gave us some advice on marriage, which Katrina asked for!

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Wow, the guy on those white cassettes!