Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Castlewellan PS SU

Haven't been in this school for a couple of years, but its always a great drive down, seeing the Mourne Mountains and all. Katrina came with me, just to make sure I was working, no I actually asked her to come help as they are a lively bunch down here!

A couple of things to note. I have developed some lessons with Compassion UK, exploring the idea of giving thanks and sharing, the problem with money in the world and how to make a difference in the world. We gave out some sweets to show the distribution of wealth to particular countries. 12 kids, 12 countries, 12 gold coins. Enough for one each, but obviously to make a point some countries got more than one and some countries got none. At the end of this activity I asked those who had to share with those who had none. Some snatched, some begged, some huffed, but in the end there was 1 person with no gold coin! And could we find the lost coin...I thought I was going to have to use one of Jesus' parables. We eventually found that one boy had 2 gold coins, 1 hidden in his pocket! Even with something so simple as a chocolate coin, some people don't want to share with those who have nothing.

Secondly, before I closed in prayer, I left it open for any of the children who wanted to pray at the end, and one girl did. I love hearing kids pray. Such honesty and openness

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Gavin Robinson said...

Stevie so cool to hear your life stories and preaching trips, keep it up. Yep I remember those lively ones at Castlewellan. No teacher there I guess?