Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reunion with Reona

This is what Christmas is all about - meeting up with old friends. Reona was a year below Charlie and I in Wellington, but we sang in the choir and performed in schools plays together. How much fun did I have in school! That was a rhetorical question. The choir trips were immense. I only realised I wasnt a bass after like 4 years, during our last gig. I wasnt a tenor either more baritone but I only had the choice of 2, sometimes you just dont fit into neat wee boxes.
Reona was also in the Mannafest drama team with me. I nicknamed her "space cadet" just cos she was. Lots of fun. Very sincere.
So Reona has been living over in Atlanta Georgia for the past couple of years and she has got married to Jesse. They work for a church but it is cool cos they dont work in a church. They are placed in like these appartment blocks to live out their lives eveyday in community with people. I think they are employeed to organise events as well throughout the month for all residents. I hope Ive got this right but its very cool what they are doing. They have also just adopted Zoe, who has a great smile and goes about and does her thing very content and happy.
It was so good to meet up at Reona's parents house and the grandparents were loving the family reunion. Reona's dad is called Steve Martin...brilliant. Her brother, Gavin, also just got engaged to a beautiful mexican girl, which gets me thinking.... Posted by Picasa

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Rebecca Ferguson said...

Hi Stevie.
My name is Rebecca Ferguson (Hanlon) at Wellington. I went to school with Reona and Googled her name this brought me to your page. I would so much love to get back into contact with Reona as i lost contact and think about her all the time. I bumped into her mum 3 years ago in ards.
I would be so grateful.