Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Also a name of a beer, but Ross came up with it first. This is my other band that I've been known to dabble in. We got the opportunity to play at PANTS on New Years Eve, well actually we got on stage at 230 in the am, much to Craigs delight, so it was New Years Day. I suppose this band came out of CSSM. Alan and Craig used to play in Native Spirit, but they split up. Ross has always wanted a band from CSSM days and we've played a few gigs. Last year we played at a battle of the bands and thought officially we didnt win, we did, and everyone there knew it and knows it. We rocked that joint, and this stupid girl band got the sympathy vote. Anyway, I love playing with these guys. Craig or Judas as I like to call him, cos he betrayed me once and I wont let him forget it, is a talented beatch, seriously the guy is amazing on the guitar, the best Ive heard or saw/seen. He wont play certain songs, so getting a set list together is quite difficult but its worth it in the end.
This year we played Mr Brightside, Breakfast at Tiffanys, A little respect, Back for Good, Hit me baby one more time (my fav), When September ends (but we changed it to December!) and just for Ross 'Best of you' by the Foos. Rock on wee man!
From l to r - Craig "Judas" Jackson (lead guitar), Alan "funny trousers and strange hats" Currie (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Ross "Baby" Jackson (drums). I played Bass sort of and sang a bit... Posted by Picasa

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