Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas band

This was the second year, maybe even third, when we got together to do a little bit of "rockin around the christmas tree"..although we didnt actually play that one....classics include slades "merry christmas", shakin stevens "snow is falling", whams "last christmas", a not so "silent night", and a collection of reliant k songs. My favourite is "celebrate the day"
This year we played in Killyleagh, so we had to do "Away in a manger" just for the line..."the stars in the bright sky looked down where HEALY HEALY HEALY...".
This picture was taken in Ballysillan. We had no idea how the young people would respond to Christmas rock, as they are all into dush-dush music, but they really got into it, whicyh meant we were able to enjoy it more
From l to r - Alan Currie (Sound), me, Mark Currie (Drums), Pete Harrison (Bass/backing vocals) and Dave McConnell aka Shaggy (Electric guitar/keyboards/violin/acoustic/harmonies...legend!) Posted by Picasa

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