Thursday, November 23, 2006

Staff retreat

So here is the crew minus some of my home Pete"the legend"thompson and alan "abu" cowan. we were up in whitepark bay, and have been ever since i joined yfc. it aint a bad thing cos it is beautiful up there. our topic was "humility". enough said. taking our retreat was aaron pierce from 24, hence why i am wearing my 24 tshirt, to pay homage to the best damn bodyguard i have ever known. i mean if Jack can trust him then we shud. even tho we at ctu dta. anyway it was good to catch up and hang out and have a laugh. did i tell u the topic was humility.... Posted by Picasa

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Jess said... sad does that picture make me! I wasn't there. :-( So wierd. You know you liked Cali that much right? Let's switch places....seriously....come know you want to!