Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Small group

This was my small group for the week. We met every morning after breakfast to talk, read and pray thru some Bible notes. I tried to go deeper with these guys, rather than just read thru the notes. We had a great look at Matthew 23, and the guys were shocked at how Jesus spoke to the Pharisees. Its important to read the Bible, but if it aint impacting the way we live then whats the point? Simon shared how Jewish boys of his age would have been able to recite the whole Old Testament, and yet we struggled to find Ezekiel!

Back row: Paul and me/I
Front row: Sammy, Simon and Stevie

Whats interesting is that I used to teach Paul when I was at Slemish College in Ballymena. He was in my first football team. Really skillful player but was small in Year 10 but now has sprouted up. Paul got constantly slagged because of his accent. We needed subtitles when interviewing him in our 'Soccer PM' show ever night. This was loosely based on the Saturday morning TV show 'Soccer AM' - we even had soccerettes! Instead of having a 'talk' each night we watched video clips and each coach got interviewed about their life. We wanted to share how living as a follower of Jesus was in all areas of our lives.

Sammy reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger - fast, an eye for goal and ginger...

Simon woul ask questions and had a lot of offer the group in terms of his thoughts and what he had heard before. He is a great player but it was class to see him pass to younger players and include those who werent as good as him. Hopefully he will become a leader on the camp in the future

Stevie was a real pro. He always was well groomed and enjoyed golf. He also was interested in Ruth-Anne Morgan and old friend from school, who was on the Adventure Camp and staying in the same place as us. Posted by Picasa

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