Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baptist Youth Soccer Coaches 06

Don't we look like footballers?! Well I had so much fun on this camp. I went with the intention of finding out how to run a football camp but ended up really enjoying myself. I suppose at the start I was like a spy...but I ended up joining the enemy...if you can call Baptist Youth the enemy! It was good to get back involved in Baptist Youth circles again. The last Baptist Youth camp I done/did was over 10 year ago. I felt old and noone really new me so that was good. I have preconceptions that people from Baptist Youth maybe just remember me being a young, immature, badtempered cheeky slabber. And what has changed I hear you say?? Newtownbreda always had a bad name as being too competitive at Baptist Youth Sports, and the fact that we always won didnt help either!

It was cool cos I met Dave Ramsey, who is now head of Baptist Youth, and we both used to compete against eachother in football, to put it nicely. He is from Carrick Baptist, which were largerly represented at the Soccer Camp.

So the picture from l to r: (top row) Ashley "Stato" from Armagh, Sammy "Midfield General" Chambers from Carrick, Charlie "The Ref" Pollock from Carrick, Matt "Techie" from Loughall. (Sitting) Josh "about to turn pro" from Ballycraigy (?), Steve "the gaffer" Couiller from Monkstown, me and Paul "the foreigner" from Glenarm (?) Posted by Picasa

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