Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slieve Donard

  Here I am with my wee sis and her 2 dogs. Mac (Black) and Maddy (the other one). People are scared of them but they are great. They are so strong and fast and it is amazing the differnce to when they are inside and when they get out. Mac is so timid and good. Maddy is mad (heece the name!) So this is like the 3rd time Ive climbed Donard and I forgot how hard it was. Im getting old! It was such a clear day so we were able to see Scrabo and the Isle of Man and even whales! (not the country) well it was 2 black things in the water that some guy said were whales but they could have been submarines....anyway now I know why people belive God dwelt in the mountains and that in the Old Testament people attributed the presence of God to a mountain. There is something sacred and amazing about mountains. It makes me feel small in one way but overwhelmed in another that Creator God knows and loves me. Amazing! Posted by Picasa

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