Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Me and the wife

  Here we are hand in hand. It was great to see Phil in South Africa and understand him more with the people he met and experiences he ....experienced. I have never seen Phil so happy. We argue and fight a lot but Phil is amazing. He has such a heart for people. He helps me on my journey by asking me to explain myself and asking me the hard questions. He's not what ud call a conventional or traditional Christian but thats what I love about him. He has hang ups with the Church, which we all do, but I see a real need to have a place were you can grow, discuss and encourage one another. This normally doesnt happen in the Sunday service. Phil is one of the most spiritual guys I know. My desire for him is to find a female version of me! We both have a lot to give and we both have our own houses so I'm just putting that out there in case anyone wants to google us.... Posted by Picasa

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