Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Granny Cowan

  Yesterday, Mon 15 May 2006 it was my Granny's 76th birthday so we went out to Gilnahirk Golf Club for a meal with the family. We go out quite a lot with the family and if I'm really honest its wierd not having someone. I want to share these experiences with someone. I really love my family and love being with them but there is something missing or someone missing. Another thing I really miss not having my other grandparents in my life. Both Granny and Granda Patterson are dead as is Granda Cowan. So Granny is my only grandparent left and since I'm the only male grandchild on the Cowan side I get spoiled. Granny said I looked a little 'pudgie' yesterday then I said I got my hair cut and she was like 'Oh thats what it is!' What chance do I have if my own Granny thinks I'm 'pudgie'... Posted by Picasa

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