Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cregagh PS

  So this is me in primary schoo doing an assembly. I have been looking at the fruit of the spirit. So i go in and say that it is good to eat between 3 and 5 pieces of fruit a day. God also wants to give us good things, like love, joy, peace...it is a good series of 9 assemblies. This day I was talking about patience and faithfulness. I tied in the story of Noah and kinda had a wierd moment. I was explaining how we need to be patient and trust God by following careful instructions because God is good and God's love endures forever. But only 8 were saved! Its a nice little kids story with all the animals and buliding an ark but we fail to expand on the annihilation of everyone else on earth. How is God good? I know there is the whole justice side of the argument but seriously think about it. I have been reading Brian Mclaren's triology - 'New kind of Christian', 'The story we find ourselves in' and I'm in the middle of 'The last word, and the word after that'. This last book is all about hell and judgment and it has really got me thinking what I actually believe. If you read thru the gospels and highlight all the times hell is mentioned it is interesting to note that Jesus is always talking to religious people or his disciples. So why is it today that we only talk to non Christians about hell? This is definately something everyone should ask themselves and go study up on Posted by Picasa

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