Monday, October 05, 2009

The older brother

Last week I was at Global Leadership Summit in Bangor Elim. Some great sessions, teachers, communicators, passion, advice, wisdom and insights. I love being in that environment where you can hear and listen and process and spunge.

One session that stands out with Tim Keller speaking on 'Leading people to the Prodigal God.' Now I've heard talks on the Prodigal Son before - loads of talks. Years ago I heard Dave Johnson speak on the older brother and it blew my mind. Tim Keller added to the insight by asking these questions:

"How do you handle criticism?" and "What should we do in response?"

Our reaction to criticism will be based upon what brother we are. He encourages the older brother to get a new level of repentance which will in turn get us to a new level of joy. The older brother is to look at the things we do right and repent for our right doing. The thing that separates us from God is not sin but good deeds.

Now my wife rightly pointed out that if ur doing so called good deeds with wrong motives, they aren't good! Anyway will try and get my hands on this book and read more about it

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