Monday, October 12, 2009

Methody CU weekend

This was me with the soldier, athlete and farmer. The athlete is Christine Murphy, who is now in Upper Sixth, and whom I have known since she was 4! Christine stills refers to me as "OSCAR", a character I played in a daily drama in Newtownbreda CSSM. Good memories but boy does that make me feel like I'm getting to old for this!

I've been trying to develop the DOC talk and turn it into a weekend. Its really interesting speaking to another group of young people on what they think a Christian is. Young peoples thoughts and beliefs have definately changed over the years. Seems to be more liberal in a way. The most interesting discussion was around the whole idea of 'clubbing'.

I had a great time with this bunch and as a Wellington College boy, they got me a tshirt stating "STEVIEP LOVES MCB" - delightful!

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Chrsitine Murphy said...

i cannot believe that my picture is up here!! haha my sister found it and sent me a link for it!