Monday, November 17, 2008

Focussed Leadership

I've been watching a lot from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit DVD's and this guy has really stood out as a communicator, in terms of how he said and what he had to say.

Andy Stanley, from North Point talked about the greatest leadership decision he ever made - to cheat the Church and not his wife! He gives 2 biblical references and shed new light upon them.

The first was found in Ephesians 5 v25 "Husbands, love your wives as Christ has loved the Church".

Now I always read this as husbands having to love their wives, sacrifically, laying down their lives, not being selfish, and that could still be a correct interpretation. What Andy says is, he is to love his wife and focus his love on his wife as Christ will then in turn love the church. I'm probably not explaining this. Basically, our call or role as husbands is to love our wives (or should I say wife??) and the church comes second or third (cos God comes first!) Many people put the church before their family and that aint good, it aint even biblical. As we love our wives, Christ will love the Church.

The second verse helps, Matthew 16 v18, Jesus said "I will build my church..."

So while we are away loving our wives it allows Jesus to build his church. If we aren't loving our wives, we put ourselves in the place of Jesus, and that is probably why the church isnt being built up cos we are neglecting and disobeying the command to love our wives.

This is freeing. It doesn't mean we become lazy and careless, it just means we have priorities, so my prayer and goal is to love Katrina, as Christ has loved the Church

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