Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How not to speak of God

Reading this book by Peter Rollins at the moment, well trying too. It is extremely wordy for a book (off course you need words to have a book!), very intellectual and academic and all that. The book is written in 2 parts - theory and practise basically. The second half is a description of 10 IKON services that have taken place. It is really interesting to see (or read) how they outlined their meetings. I like the whole relaxed, informal mood and atmosphere that is described. As I sit in the normal sunday church service, it kills me how boring and irrelevant a lot of it is. As a trained teacher, I understand the importance of the classroom layout in creating a positive learning environment. If we want to learn in the church service we are going about it the wrong way (rows of seats focussed at one person). Maybe the purpose of the sunday service is just celebration?

Anyway, Katrina and I are beginning to look for a new church, and I really don't think the ideal church is out there. We both want good teaching, so that is top of the list, but should we approach this search with a list?

pg113 "...Nietzsche commented that getting drunk and getting religion were pretty much the same thing - both activities of the weak, both offering an escape from the difficulties of real life with the illusion of warmth and womb-like protection..."

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