Friday, January 18, 2008


So probably like every good Christian I've started reading thru Genesis - new years resolution and all that. A couple of things on this before I go on:
  1. How come some Christians have never read thru the whole Bible?
  2. Why do we fog off new years resolutions as if they are bad and legalistic?

So I've probably managed to offend some or make others feel guilty but come on lets get serious! If we say we are Bible believing Christians (and who says that?!) then we need to know what is in there. Many and I mean loads of Christians do or don't do certain things cos of what the Bible says, yet when you (or I!) ask them where do you find that in the Bible they have no idea. Some Jews can recite the whole Bible. Jewish young people can recite the first 5 books of the OT, and these are the books we kinda leave out...I'll just leave this hanging....

"But the Pharisees knew all the Bible and didn't know God!" - true

"Some people worship the Bible more than they worship God!" - true

So is it good to read the Bible? Is it good to make people feel guilty about not reading the Bible? Should we include the Bible in our talks or read the Bible out more??

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rick hill said...

agreed man...

...about the new years resolutions too!!