Monday, January 21, 2008

Drawing out of a dry well

Well well well! Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year for everyone. Finance, credit cards, debt, waiting for next months wage packet, weather, cold, wet, floods....
"I'm wrecked" is what I normally say, apparently all the time, but its more than that. It's like tired and weary. Maybe it is the weather effecting me. Been thru so much with YFC over the past 6 months, I think its taking the toll on everyone. Steve is over in Canada and Gav is off on paternity, so missing the boys in work as well.
Was looking for a good picture to use and came across some really interesting and provacitive pics. Wanted a picture of a dried up well, or someome trying to draw water from a well and came across pictures of people in Africa, with smiles on their faces, drawing water from a dirty well. You think these people have something to be tired and weary about? I get to go home and crash on a really comfie sofa and watch TV. Probably feel so down cos I'm just looking inward. I dont feel down in my life, just maybe in work I feel down or tired and weary.
Looking out the window now, the Lagan is overflowing. What a picture that is!
Other pictures I came across was Jesus at the well. But why is it that even tho I know Jesus is living water and if I go to Jesus I wont thirst again - why is it that I do? Is Jesus not enough? Is the problem with me? How many Christians do I know who are satisfied and content and at peace???

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