Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exodus 24

So today I learnt about 3 types of preaching mentioned in the Exodus 24 - speaking, writing and reading.

(v3)Preaching is about speaking the words of God, given by God in a private place. We come from the presence of God and go into the presence of people (and God's presence is always with us!).

(v4)Moses then wrote down everthing that God said. One method to practise is to preach first, then write it down afterwards. Normally we write our talk before hand(don't we? yeah right!!), but actually no joke, I spoke at 1st Bangor BB last Friday night and did come home and write my talk out again. I have been chatting to McCready about this a lot recently, in that we should write out our talks before hand, just to make sure we give of our best and properly prepare. Clarity of thought happens when you write something down.

Ian Dickson(BBC) then asked "What is preaching? Is it for the moment?

So should we record sermons(on paper/online/audio/visual)?
Repeat sermons?
Are sermons an art form?
Can we craft a sermon over a period of time?
Does God have a specific word for a specific group?
Can we give the same message but change the application(for different groups)?

The third area(in v7)was how we can use reading God's word in preaching. We should not neglect the public reading of scripture as it promises to not return void(Isaiah 55v11) - thogh from experience i have learnt to never read out John 4 as it is too long and can ruin the whole service(just for you Andre!)

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