Friday, February 27, 2009

Toilet reading

So I have been meaning to blog about this book for ages. This is my toilet book at the minute, not because its cra or anything, just like to have a book sitting on the toilet so I have something to do...

Anyway its one of those books that you disagree with a lot, it has so many generalisations but it has some fair comments as well.

One thing it talks about is comparing attendance at the sunday service to the type of movie you like to go to watch. Women, in general like romantic, happy ending movies. Men, in general like action movies. Apparently the sunday service has become like a chick flick movie - which I thought was hilarious! But thinking about it, theres all this talk about intimacy and relationship, we expect people to behave and listen and know when to stand and when to sit. No wonder, the writer continues, no men what to go to sunday service!

On one hand, yes the Christian faith is all about relationships (loving God and loving others) but even the word 'love' and the term 'personal relationship' aint a manly concept!

Looking at the life of Jesus, was He more about adventure and risk? Denying yourself, picking up your cross and following Him. And will there be a nice ending, where everyone lives happily ever after.....

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