Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I used to be of the opinion that if you take CHRIST out of CHRISTMAS you are left with M-A-S, Minus A Saviour.

I used to say Jesus is the reason for the season!

I have seen a couple of groups started wanting to save Christmas as a Christian festival.

I have also come across people who want to take Christ out of Christmas.

I say let them! Let people change the name and call it winterfest or whatever they come out with.

I say its about time we Jesus followers take a stand and speak out about this pagan commercialised holiday. What is Christian about it? Some good morals or sharing, giving and receiving but thats about it.

Not to be a scrooge but there are so many people who get into debt during this time of year. Kids have become like spoilt little brats who want more, more, more!

And Jesus was probably born in spring, when the shepherds were out in the field so lets celebrate it then and let the heathens do what they want in december! I said this to someone whose response was "But then we cant celebrate Easter if Christmas is in the spring as well!".....DOh!


dave wiggins said...
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dave wiggins said...

I totally agree with you there Stevie. Also, something i learned this week was that the bible doesn't encourage us to celebrate the birth of Jesus like it encourages us to celebrate his death and resurrection.