Monday, June 02, 2008

Messy Spirituality

So this is the book I currently read while visiting the toilet in work! Its always good to have a book. Some really good points to consider:

  1. What keeps many of us from growing is not sin, but speed
  2. Sin does not always drive us to drink; more often it drives us to exhaustion. Tiredness is equally as debilitating as drunkness
  3. the problem with growth in the local church is not the slowness but the rushing of growth
  4. How would our understanding of the spiritual life be altered if we used these words: resting, listening, waiting, startign, returning, savouring, celebrating, dancing, learning, growing rather than good, bad, positive, negative, high, low?

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billysetsfire said...

you're reading that book? I was reading it to on my daily rendevous with the tiolet. Good book.