Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An idea

So reading thru Starving Jesus, Craig and JR encourage the reader to do something - not copy them but do something. Apparently they always get people asking "What should we do?"

So we've been thinking about this in YFC and Steve and myself have started workin towards doing a prayer tour of Ireland. One of Steve's goals is to get 32 drop in centres in every county in Ireland. This summer we got 12 Canadians coming over to do something. SO we thought if we could match that maybe with 12 Irish people, could we hire some RVs and travel round Ireland for 2 weeks and just pray...

JR and Craig fasted and preached and cuffed themselves to a pew, which is very Jeremiah/Ezekiel/prophet like - I love it but like I said don't want to copy these guys.

I think in YFC we are in a new period so we got to pray, seek God, see where God is working and then join God's work. This nation will become a sending nation again, but we got to start doing stuff and get serious. This is step one.

Now we have had one door close after approaching Motorhome Ireland but maybe we can get a couple of mini buses, travel round and sleep in churches. We just want to pray with people, as if that isn't enough! God will do stuff and guide us on the way. So we are looking for churches throughout Ireland who would like 24 people to come pray and encourage them at the start of July this summer.

Step two - promoting it and getting the word out!

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