Tuesday, October 09, 2007

George Muller

Reading a book about this german dude who actually looks like Abraham Lincoln!

I think I'll get a lot out of the book - he was a great preacher, a great man of God, he had great faith...

Some things I have been challenged about already:

  • He preached about the Lord's return - have I ever mentioned that? Do we live in the light of his return?

  • He prayed that people would respond to his message/he prayed for converts - do I pray for the hearers of the word before I speak/preach/teach

  • He offended people and said that if people weren't offended then he probably wasn't preaching the true gospel - he liked offending people, not for the sake of offending people tho

  • he said that,
    "the important feature of your life is not so much what you do but the formation of your own strong Christian character"

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