Wednesday, September 05, 2007

She said YES!

Without going into too much was our 6 month anniversary, so we'd planned to take the day off and do something on the Tuesday. We got a ring in Dominican but kept it quiet, so not to take away anything from Chris & Ciara. On the Monday night my sister told me the rings had been valued and were ready to collect, so I text Andrew to see if he could meet up the next day! I'm very impulsive and spontaneous. To look back everything was perfect and how it all worked out I will never know but be eternally grateful!

So i met Andrew (Katrina's dad) on Tuesday morning and had the talk. He was such a gentleman and gave me some great advice. Then I started a little treasure hunt of 4 clues using 'CRANIUM' cards. Katrina had to guess were we we going by using the clue. So we went back to were we had our first 'lunch' date, which goes to prove that having lunch dates don't just lead to friendship! (Just Friends - Ryan Reynolds)

I had planned to propose that night, but walking round Castlewellan lake, was too good an opportunity to miss. We both love up there and have so many fond memories as kids, not together cos I'm like so much older....
So we went to La Tasca for all you can eat for a tenner which is well good and then headed to the Bureau in Newtownabbey, where we had our first kiss....

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